Comments, please

9 06 2009

Please, if you’re reading any of this, and anything occurs, post a comment.
I would really welcome some more feedback. Ta.



3 responses

10 06 2009

loving your blog mate. Sometimes getting eight meaty posts can be a lot to digest, BUT… they are good. Perhaps weekly ‘deeps’ with occurring ‘shallows’ might be better – plus easier for you to manage. Only a thought.

10 06 2009
Jan Fleming

As per the previous comment. I check your posts regularly and really enjoy reading them but it is a bit off putting when there are long dry spells. I hope all is going well at your new school.As you willhave gathered we’re having a tricky time but as always in my fab team spirits remain high.


11 06 2009

am lurking and loving your blog. Agree with Miz. Wait for weeks and then 8 great posts come along

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