Too busy not to blog

22 09 2009

1069108_computer_keyboardOne reader posted a question today as a comment on the previous post, asking if it is ‘all quiet on the Western Front’. It has always been a feature of blogs that bloggers write a lot of posts apologising for not writing posts. I’m no exception. It has been quiet on this blog and I do worry that I will be annoying or alienating those people who take the time and trouble to read it. Sorry. I had a really interesting comment from ‘Ferry’ in questions of power and identity to which I’m still formulating a response.

The truth is I think that there may have been times when I wrote this blog in lieu of work instead of it being a report and reflection on my work. Not all the time but on occasion.

There’s loads going on at the moment. I haven’t been very effective at managing that work (what’s new?). But I think the other factor has been our sheer tiredness in this household. The summer was busy. It needed to be to entertain the children. But we (my wife and I) have come back from that break feeling more in need of a holiday than we have ever felt before. It may be something to do with the particular ages of our children (or more likely of us!) or their particular needs, but collectively they need more from us than at any time we can remember previously. We are exhausted.

But there are some good things happening in my work. I will give more detail in the coming days but the headlines are:

  • the St Luke’s PCC approved my proposal to relocate our Sunday activity to one of the local tower blocks and to change the character of what we do with that time.
  • I agreed just today with the director of a new city centre pub that I can run a Sunday evening spirituality and conversation event there each week.
  • I have made some progress with my MA and think it will be moving in a really interesting and yet achievable direction
  • I have been doing some more interesting and stimulating work with schools

That does all sound a but self-congratulatory! Well done me!

But I hope you will understand dear reader that this remains testing and challenging work that asks all sorts of questions of me personally and of the church more generally. But I’m too busy not to blog. I hope you will bear with me and continue to offer your comments as I lay out my joys and struggles and air the wider issues I think this all raises for the church in particular but also perhaps of all of us, whatever our sphere of work.

Watching this space will, I hope, not be quite so fruitless an activity as it has been for all of you of late.



3 responses

24 09 2009

Hi Mark, thanks for this – my blog has lain dormant for about 3 months and the post before that took about 3 months to materialise. I’ve been wondering whether to knock it on the head or carry on – maybe this is the incentive I need to keep going.

Also, what you’re doing sounds excellent and its no mean achievement to carry people with you when you want to make changes, so go you!

Heather 🙂

24 09 2009

Thanks for your encouragement, Heather. it’s only fair to say that this hasn’t been a welcome prospect for all and we’ve gone forward on the basis of a majority decision rather than a unanimous one. What’s encouraging in that though is that it appears at the moment that those who registered their unease acknowledge the decision and are willing still to get involved.

25 09 2009

Good to see you are still blogging Mark. I really miss the ‘depth’ though. This probably sounds a bit selfish, especially as your energy levels have taking a beating during the summer. Maybe you need a good holiday !

Joking aside, it would be good to hear more about your “pioneering”. I am also curious to know why you are moving out of the church, is it a permanent arrangement ? And what is the change the character, of what you do ?

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