Horror vacui

27 04 2010

The old idea that nature abhors a vacuum is false. Because there is no such thing as a true vacuum. Even the space between particles in an atom is not empty. It is teeming with the energy of possibility.

What’s all that got to do with all this? (This being my little bit of the Anglican mission in Portsmouth.) Not much. But I was reading about it last night when I should have been doing something else. And maybe it’s a helpful metaphor for the empty space that has characterised this blog for two or three weeks now. I took a break after Easter, but since coming back, I haven’t managed to sit down to write. But that’s not because my head is (any more) empty (than usual). It’s not a problem with coming up with things to write. The problem is knowing where to start. The empty space between my ears has been fizzing with possibility. I hope I can make the time to get it out there before the time moves on and it’s irrelevant.

I hope therefore you’ll bear with me and continue to watch this space. Because it’s not empty…



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