That’ll ’ave ’em flocking in.

16 06 2010

This is a poster I came across at Portsmouth and Southsea station. It’s great to be inspired by some cutting edge compassionate evangelism like this 😉 Someone obviously thought this would be a good idea! In fact if everyone who is the least little bit proud is an abomination, that’s me stuffed! Now I know it is in the Bible, but honestly, of all the things this lot could have chosen as God’s message for people getting off a train at Portsmouth and Southsea station (which is dreary enough as it is) they chose this. Well done! Good work fellas!



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20 06 2010
Michael Smith

Not the only poster like this I’ve seen! They seem also to target stations….made me feel warm and fuzzy!

1 06 2012

Reblogged this on BritNorAmFreedom.

1 06 2012

I think some people now reporting/retweeting this may not get its ironic tone, so let me be clear: the people who have put up these posters are nutters.

2 06 2012

Thanks for publishing this passage of Holy Scripture. To read full text see: Trinitarian Bible Society:

2 06 2012

Here’s correct address. Many good resources:

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