My name is… my name is… my name is… I ain’t saying it.

Oh alright then. It’s the Revd Mark Rodel.

I’m City Centre Pioneer Minister for the City of Portsmouth – a city in the south of England. The city in the south of England. As part of that, I’m also Associate Priest in the Church of England parish of St Luke which covers the western side of North Southsea and Somerstown in Portsmouth. I work alongside the Priest-in-Charge of the parish of St Luke and its near-neighbour, St Peter, the Revd Alex Hughes.

As well as working with Alex to lead St Luke’s and St Peter’s towards union and renewed engagement in Somerstown, I have a brief to explore new ways that the Church of England can stimulate and participate in the cultural life of the city, particularly in and around the public spaces at its centre.

I’m 40, married to Barbara with 3 children. We live together. In a house. It has windows and some doors. And stuff…

You probably couldn’t call me a fan (I don’t have a season ticket) but I am a follower of Pompey (Portsmouth FC). I get along to a few games each season thanks to a very generous friend with (count ’em) not one but two season tickets. PUP.

Back in the day (when I had a proper job) I was a graphic designer, though I’m trained in visual art. I’m generally very interested in visual culture. In recent years I’ve rediscovered photography after purchasing a new digital SLR. I love the cinema, especially the films of Ridley Scott. I also am completely unashamed to admit that I love watching the telly.

I love music too. I love dance music – especially the stuff at the more trancey end of the spectrum (Faithless, Moby, Leftfield, Massive Attack) but my taste is pretty eclectic taking in Bhangra, NuMetal, folk and classical. Everything pretty much except R&B! [That is, unless you use the older definition of the term which would include the Beatles, whose music I dig (daddy oh)]

So art and music are my thang!

But enough about me – let’s talk about you. What do you think about me? 😉

Click here to email me.

[Last joke © Gore Vidal]

2 responses

6 02 2009
Jan Fleming

Hi Mark

Thanks for the link, blog looks interesting. Have a good weekend and enjoy the ‘bar work!’


4 06 2009

How was the guerilla (no idea how that is spelt!) worship? Look forward to your blog on THAT!


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