‘Bring on the Linvoy!’

9 06 2009

Linvoy Primus

I was privileged to be at the last Pompey home game of the season. It wasn’t a very exciting game in the first half. The second was more entertaining. What was the most amazing thing about this game was the huge love going out to Linvoy Primus – Pompey’s longest serving current player. He has been injured for quite a while and is geting on a bit now as professional footballers go, but the crowd were basicaly chanting for him to come on for much of the second half and the cheer that went up, not only when he finally did come on, but every time he got near the ball was something else.

Why is Linvoy so loved? Maybe it’s because he’s such a genuine, likeable character. He is a committed Christian and I think that’s where his genuineness comes from. He’s also what the real Fratton Park faithful are: Pompey ’til we die. That’s what Harry Redknapp never understood. No matter what he did for the club before, to leave for Tottenham, even though in one way that wasn’t as bad as his dalliance with the enemy down the road, showed that he wasn’t so committed to the club that he could only be removed in a box. It’s entirely unreasonable to expect that, but that’s the depth of commitment the true fans have and that’s what they expect from everyone involved. And that’s what they see, rightly or wrongly, in Linvoy Primus.

It was one of those shiver down the spine moments, being there to see all that love going out to Linvoy and to be part of its expression. It was very close to worship. But in a good way. 😉